Summary of Role

Element is looking for an experienced and passionate Biomedical Engineer to join our Research
and Development group. This individual will be responsible for leading research efforts related
to materials, adhesion, and bioelectric sensing. The ideal candidate will be able to design tests
that allow us to quickly and effectively evaluate prototypes, build test fixtures and prototype
samples, and collaborate with the design team to translate knowledge into practice.


  • Research and develop new test methods for quantifying physical and electrical properties of
    various materials, systems, and electrodes
  • Design and fabricate test fixtures (internally or with outside shops) and instrument them for
    data collection
  • Build and assemble prototypes and sample materials for testing
  • Work closely with suppliers to run trials and source materials for internal evaluation
  • Promote good practices and rigor in research techniques, record keeping, and


  • Biomedical or Mechanical engineering background required (B.S minimum, M.S.+ preferred)
  • 3-5 years of experience in medical devices minimum
  • Experience in a range of disciplines that include electrical, mechanical, and biology
  • Experience with materials and processes used in medical and consumer devices, such as
    adhesives, fabrics, plastics, and sensing electrodes is desirable
  • Proficiency with solid modeling software (SolidWorks) is desirable
  • Excellent written and verbal communication is a must
Interested? Send a short introduction and your resume to